Why do you have such a big dick Little Red Riding Hood shyly told Wolf


The cute, slender little Red Riding Hood walked through the forest to her grandmother, hiding the cakes in her cap for reliability, however, when the nyasha came to the old woman’s house, she found her lying on the porch and emitting her last spirit, “Big and Terrible Gray Wolf … “- she only managed to say the hag before gluing the fins. It’s good that the frightened Riding Hood was comforted by a hunter who, by a suspicious combination of circumstances, was hanging around nearby – it turns out that Wolf has long been supporting the district, attacking young girls … and they say that he doesn’t eat them at all, but does something worse. Ah, poor, stupid Little Red Riding Hood, if you, as in a fairy tale, started asking “Why do you have such big eyes”, “Ears,” etc., you might have gotten out of there, but this hunter was all of normal size