Chef Shawarmie has jerked off the chubby dumpling of his new boss Alexa Tomas


Old Nacho Vidal worked all his life in this shawarma, making Döner Kebaba workshops and coming up with incredible combinations when ordering a double in a drink … but the young owner decided to change the beautiful Dönerny to some crappy, upmarket restaurant, for bombastic snobs, or even completely sell the room! The Italian Nacho tore apart and metal, until he saw the beautiful customer Alexa Tomas, who was more interested in the chef than the kitchen itself and she decided to try his signature sauce, along with a thick piece of meat on a skewer, which is hidden by a man under the apron! Monsieur Schaurmye was a real gentleman and did not leave the girl in need, fucked her right on a pile of pita bread, so frying and pouring sauce on her chubby dumpling, that the lady could hardly crawl out of the Bistro, all in dirty clothes, covered in sperm